Monster Entertainment is a brand management company which develops entertainment brands and distributes them worldwide. While Monster handles a diverse range of programming in the areas of children’s programming, music and documentaries, the core business is mainstream children’s animation.

Our Strategy

Monster’s strategy is to build a number of long-running series into multi platform brands through ensuring the widest possible distribution and ancillary exploitation.
For each programme, we work towards building it into a across TV, DVD, Games, Internet, Merchandising, Publishing etc. and try to ensure that it becomes, where appropriate, a long-running series.

Our best selling Animation series has sold in 180 countries. Our catalogue features
animation for all ages from pre-school, through to animation for adults, including; Oscar winning, Oscar nominated and Emmy winning animation and other programmes which have won many other awards and enjoyed great commercial success. We represent programmes from all over the world including: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, USA, France, Spain, UK, Ireland etc.