Teen/Adult, 1×26′


ApeFrom the award winning director Guys Dog comes Ape, the hippest funniest model animation of the year.

Ape tells the story of Tony, an organ-utan who escapes from the Bronx Zoo and having learned to pass himself off as a man becomes the sassiest, and most famous talk show host on the planet. Think Jay Leno meets Tony Soprano. As his warm up man says, ‘he’s more popular than food, he’s drowning in dough, he drinks with jesus and sleeps with Monroe!’

But Tony has made some enemies during his meteoric rise to fame. The Clown has it in for him, having been the hottest entertainer in town until Tony came along, while Pablo Mendez, the obsessed keeper of the zoo, has been trying to recapture Tony for the past 30 years. When Mendwz finally makes the connection between his missing Ape and the feisty showman, and The Clown finally decides to take him out once and for all, Tony finds himself in a situation that even he may not be able to get out of.


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