26×4’, 3D HD, non-dialogue, entertainment, family show

A non-dialogue family show following the adventures of a joyful, funny and curious little creature called Booba and his friends.
They always find themselves in hilarious situations trying to explore the world around them.

Booba is a non-dialogue animated family show particularly interesting to children from 3 to 7 y.o.  The series consists of 4’ episodes which are stand-alone stories happening in various locations.

The action takes place in a world similar to the real one, but still with some room for wonders. The main one is Booba, a curious little creature, who is always ready to explore the world around him. Booba easily makes friends who help him find unusual ways out of any situation! In Season 1 Booba gets to know Loola the Rat and Googa the Parrot. Later on, they will be joined by Soosa the Hedgehog, Dooda the Worm, Scooba the Octopus and Mooma the Cat.

The series focuses on entertainment and kind tricks only as children easily associate themselves with the main character and repeat after him. Our aim is to let a child have some rest while watching safe content.

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