Dust Devils

1 x 45′

Far out on a vacant expanse of the Nevada Desert, USA, 25,000 people gather once a year late in August to experience, Burning Man.
Dust Devils makes a visually flamboyant journey through the life and meaning of the world’s most conceptually unique community arts event.
Set against the stark backdrop of a baked desert and endless blue skies, Dust Devils whirls through the animated existence of a buzzing temporary metropolis known as Blackrock City, meeting it’s zany inhabitants and interacting with it’s eccentric installations. Art, performance, music, mobile art vehicles, situationist jokes, fire, all are created as experiential gifts for the benefaction of the whole Burning Man community. At Camp Lush, American enthusiasts create a tropical oasis complete with palm trees, shaded lounge bars and a giant flower centrepiece for all to share. Irish participants make a mushroom tower for the camp. Elsewhere, renowned Californian artist, David Best, is building an intricately designed Temple, destined to become an enormous funeral pyre. Thousands of participants write the names of their deceased loved ones on it’s interior in order to rejoice and grieve when it is spectacularly burnt.

From conceptual beginnings to laborious constructions, to playful encounters, to communal grieving, to unleashed primal energies at the burn, celebration, dancing and the wearied aftermath, Dust Devils is a life affirming roller coaster ride that captures the conceptual and imaginative impact of the Burning Man experience. A paced climactic semi-chaotic style emphasises the carnivalesque feel of the event and musical interludes with striking image sequences recreate the massive sensory assault that is Burning Man.

The documentary also features music from up and coming Irish talent such as Kila, Burning Love Jumpsuit, Rollers/Sparkers, Earth Monkey, Nurse With Wound and more.




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