39 x 7 Mins   

For Ages 3-6


Ellabie is a bright and bubbly seven year old girl with an exciting secret – at the bottom of her garden, she and her friends have discovered an amazing Story Tree that comes to magical life in response to her incredible imagination! When she steps into the Story Tree with her best friends Mac and Lila – and of course her faithful companion Fred the Dog – they magically become the heroic lead characters in exciting and crazy adventures. Whether they’re riding a racing frog to victory, exploring the castle moat in a clockwork submarine or stopping a giant runaway trifle from squelching the whole town in custard, there’s always something weird and wonderful going on in Ellabie’s imaginative world! These adventures may take place in a fun-filled story kingdom, but as the stories unfold, our heroes might just learn a thing or two about living their own lives in the real world too…



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