Funky Fables

Ages 8-12, 26 x 11′


Funky Fables gives a new twist to your favourite fairy tales with a very modern and irreverent spin. Familiar stories are played out but with a twist…The Magic Mirror becomes tired of people’s vanity and embarks on a road trip of personal discovery, but will the public appreciate his honest truth?

The Punky Pied Piper turns the kingdom’s children into obnoxious little punks. The king decides to fight fire with fire…it’s time to rock! Miss Muffet and Legs the spider are a successful theatre double act but what happens when Legs try to go it alone?┬áThe kingdom is invaded by a horde of cheesy romantic singers. Can the King, with his boy band, win back the hearts of their women?

Even the Big Bad Wolf is forced to become a vegetarian, ugghh! Surrounded by sheep, will he resist the tasty woolly temptations?



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