52 x 11 Mins   

For Ages 3-6


A cartoon series for the 3-6 audience about two boys, a girl and a dog called Argle, Bargle, Dingle and Dave (Dave being the dog) who live on Fuzzyworld, a tiny planet made from Fuzzonium, which looks almost exactly like fuzzy felt. Everything is made from Fuzzonium, even our Four Fuzzy Friends, who have interchangeable attachments like Thinking Heads, Painting Hands, Tippy Toes (make you go really quietly), and of course Action Elbows. Our heroes spend their days thinking up all kinds of great things to do with all the useful stuff that grows on Fuzzyworld, like the Squeezy Bottle Plants, the Sticky Fruit trees, and of course all that great cardboard in the Cereal Carton Mine. And every day they learn something exciting and new about Fuzzyworld, and themselves, often with the help of friends like Window Tree, Truth Teddy and Daring Doll, despite all the efforts of Sharp Monster, who wants all the Fuzzies’ stuff for himself. They’ve even been known to sing and dance occasionally.



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