Hermie and Friends

Ages 4-8, 13 x 30′ + Christmas special


Max Lucado’s “Hermie & Friends”, is a 3D animated series of stories based on the adventures of a little caterpillar named Hermie and his best friend Wormie. Each episode features new characters to meet and new lessons to be learned. After the success of “Hermie, A Common Caterpillar” showing Hermie’s transformation into a butterfly, author Max Lucado decided to explore the many wonderful stories of Hermie’s life before his ascent.

Voice-over talent is provdided by the well-known Tim Conway, Don Knotts and Melissa Disney. Post Central Charlotte’s Demetre Gionis directed the 3D animation team and RAE Creative supervised all post-production for the show. North American Video and DVD distribution is being coordinated by Tommy Nelson, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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