Lifeboat Luke

Ages 3-6, 52 x 5′  

Lifeboat Luke Hydro_previewNON DIALOGUE

The first children’s animated series produced in Northern Ireland LTL Productions’ Lifeboat Luke is a  search and rescue adventure series for children aged 3-6, featuring Lifeboat Luke and his friends in the mad magical seaside town of Donaghadoo. With a quirky, colourful cast of boats, animals, cars, kids and townsfolk, stories are told through narration, sound effects and music and are easily re-versioned for different languages. Stories are sometimes daft, ridiculous or even whimsical. It never takes itself too seriously and events are usually an exaggeration of events for the purposes of humour and drama.

Broadening the shows broadcast base the series has developed across multi-platforms with an interactive book, i-phone application and website, which combines web assets and additional interactive activities.


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