Teen/Adult, 12×22′


Newsbag is an animated sitcom following the adventures of Lenny, Gig and Moss who work for a dysfunctional online news website. It is run by a megalomaniac named Eric Dundee, a New Zealander who made a billion dollars inventing an apparatus for facilitating the rapid birth of a child by centrifugal force. He was paid a billion dollars by the United Nations to stop inventing.

Lenny is a big talker and compulsive liar who’s stories about his sexual conquests are generally fantasy. Gig is a tech geek whose experiments with technology often have devastating results. Moss comes from a tiny island and finds it hard to keep up with the pace of life on the mainland.

Together the trio pursue hot news trends such as the wave of Twitter-addiction sweeping the country, Barack Obama’s visit to Ireland, the potato shortage that brings Ireland close to famine, Gig’s pursuit of love, Lenny’s hemorrhoid affliction, Moss getting kidnapped by priests…and much, much more.

Produced in Ireland by Icehouse Media

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