Ages 3-6,  26 x 5′



With family and happy friends by his side, the little bird Pikkuli plays and explores. Pikkuli is scared of flying, and if he doesn’t want to fly, he will not! So he swims like a penguin and hops like a chicken. Pikkuli compares himself to his talented big Sister and reckless Brother and it’s not easy to be so different. Athletic Byrd Father and caring Mommy Byrd know their youngest child is a bit odd, but they love him. With help Pikkuli finds his strengths.

His best friend, Honkkeli, is a wobbly shorebird with legs, neck and a beak that don’t seem to fit together.

In 26 episodes Pikkuli learns how to share toys with his siblings, tries to get goodies by pretending to have the flu, and gets a new pet and learns a lot of responsibility. He celebrates his birthday and builds a hut of his own. He will also learn a lot of love. Perhaps one day he will learn to fly, but for the time being, he prefers bouncing.


Produced in Finland by Sun In Eye Productions

(Non- verbal version)

(New narrated version)


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