Roobarb & Custard

Ages 4-8, 30 x 5′ & 39 x 7′


ROOBARB & CUSTARD Roobarb the lovable wacky dog and Custard the sarcastic pink cat, first bounced onto television screens in 1974 and were an immediate hit achieving cult status worldwide. Between the house and the garden shed, Roobarb has presented the world with a zillion ingenious inventions that almost always go spectacularly wrong much to the amusement of his friend Custard, the giggling Birds and all the other garden animals.

Not one to be discouraged by life’s little obstacles, Roobarb the determined optimist always soldiers on with his ambitious plans reminding us of one of life’s most important lesson’s, “if at first you don’t succeed, try & try again”. Monster Entertainment has recently taken on the distribution for both the Vintage series and Series 2.

Roobarb & Custard Video

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