Family, 1 x 65′


Tugger is a little Jeep with a very special dream. During WWII Tugger got injured and his engine fan was replaced by a real airplane propeller.

From that day on Tugger knew that, just like a real airplane, he would one day fly. Now that the war is over Tugger has a job tugging airplanes at an Airport where he is constantly in trouble with the Tower Chief, an ex-marine who drinks too much coffee, and Chief’s crazy dog Max, who chases after Tugger’s tires. Tugger also shares the Airport with his zany friends including Ma and Pa, two grandparent-type vintage gas pumps that have never agreed on anything, and Bob, an ex-WWII Bomber, who is Tugger’s hero. But above everyone else Tugger’s Most Unexceptional buddy in the whole world is Shorty, the short-wave radio.

Whenever Tugger gets into trouble, Shorty, like any true friend is always right there by his side. In this first adventure Tugger discovers dreams come true, just not the way he planned.


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