Monster Entertainment began producing animation inhouse in 2010 with I’m a Monster and following that, our second series I’m a Creepy Crawly and then, more recently, I’m a Fish. We produced our first app for series I’m a Creepy Crawly in 2012.


Monster have also co-produced The Travels of a Young Marco Polo (4 country coproduction) and Rockabye Island with Magpie6 Media .

Co-Production & Finance

We started producing animation a little over 10 years ago and have produced or co-produced 6 animation series since then.  We are interested in finding new partners to co-produce our projects with and also in finding projects to co-produce.

It is possible for Monster Entertainment to bring up to 30% of the finance to third party projects through a combination of tax incentives, European funding, pre-sales and investment.  If we are involved creatively from the beginning, this percentage can be much higher.

Our own productions Rocka-Bye Island, I’m a Monster and I’m a Creepy Crawly were fully funded between S481 Tax Incentive/ Irish Filmboard / BAI / RTÉ / Creative Europe / International Broadcaster presales / Distribution Advance / Producer Investment.

Co-production of The Travels of a Young Marco Polo was funded between S481 /
The Irish Filmboard / RTÉ / Producer Investment (co-production with Magpie 6 Media).