Bimble’s Bucket

Ages 4-8, 13×22′ & 26×11′


Bimble’s Bucket is fast, furious and funny. As a reward for a good deed Bimble gets a Magic Bucket, that gives him anything. Inside the bucket, lives the Guardian of the Bucket; cheerful Teeny Weeny.

There are others after the Bucket; lazy, greedy Queen Kak from gloomy Sleaze City and Dolly Clackhanger, a failed witch, whose bungled spells spread chaos. It’s a miracle her assistant, Sploot, has survived. Dolly thinks the Bucket is what she needs to become a proper witch.

Queen Kak sends her minions, Bilge and Oila on their motorised pogo sticks and so begins an epic battle to possess the bucket. We go to the end of the rainbow, to the Great Golden Bucket in the sky and to the magical world inside the Bucket.


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