Fluffy Gardens

Ages 3-6, 80 x 7’20″, special 1 x 22′



Fluffy Gardens is a wonderful place where happy, eccentric, playful little animals go about their daily lives. In Fluffy Gardens, something unexpected happens every day! Maybe Paolo the Cat will show just how clever he is. Perhaps Lenny the Octopus will tidy his terribly messy house. Or today could be the day that Colleen the Cow finally reaches the moon! And there are many more friends to meet. Through its gentle-paced, charming narrative, Fluffy Gardens has a unique story for each individual. Perhaps today’s story will become your new favourite!
Always charming. Always delightful. And always brought to you with a smile!


Fluffy Gardens – Busy Day

Fluffy Gardens – The Puppy and the Butterflies