I’m a Creepy Crawly

Ages 3-8, 52 x 2′


Green Olive Modern Contemporary Wedding Invitation

Creepy Crawlies are slimy, squashy, stingy little pests. Or so we all think, but they’ve got a thing or two to say about that!

In I’m a Creepy Crawly, the insects invite us into their alien world, right under our feet, to set the record straight.

Each episode stars a different insect, who tells us all sorts of fun, interesting and sometimes disgusting facts about where they live, what jobs they do, how they survive in such dangerous places and how we humans have got Creepy Crawlies all wrong!

Produced in Ireland by Monster Entertainment

Broadcast Sales include: DRTV Denmark, YLE Finland, TVO Canada, ABC Australia, Discovery Networks – Pan Asia and Al Jazeera Middle East.