Jungle Beat

Ages 4-8,  39 x 5′


Jungle Beat 2018

Jungle Beat is a fun, family-friendly series of CG animated, self-contained, dialogue-free episodes focusing on different animals and the bizarre situations they encounter in nature.

Jungle Beat has been broadcast in over 180 countries and 40 airlines, Jungle Beat has enjoyed stunning ratings and appeals to a wide audience.
Series 4 is now in production. There is now a completed first season of a 7-minute spin-off series entitled “Jungle Beat Explorers”.


Ancillary activities also include Jungle Beat Clothing, Book, e-Club, Character Licensing and much more!

Jungle Beat Trailer:

Jungle Beat Episode:

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Jungle Beat Explorers

Ages 4-8, (non-dialogue)  26 x 2′


The Jungle Beat Explorers are four intrepid adventures on a slapstick mission of discovery. Their short adventures run alongside Jungle Beat to make 7 minute episodes, but also stand alone 2 minute episodes.


2 Min version