Magic Cellar

Ages 4-7, 52 x 11’30″

magic cellar

Magic Cellar is an HD 3D animated series based on traditional African folktales. The series, which has won 29 international television awards, celebrates Africa’s culture and traditions while promoting reading as exciting and fulfilling.These fun filled adventures transport the entire family to a new level of storytelling as the most intriguing folktales and their timeless lessons are brought to life by the enchanting characters of the Magic Cellar.

Each episode is a self-contained animated short which is divided into three sections: a brief introduction and set-up where our young characters are often met with a troublesome situation; the African folk tale which mirrors this situation; and a wrap-up with the lessons and morals learned to actively solve the encountered problem. It is these lessons that build on the values and life skills that are all important to a young audience and do so with a magical and imaginative appeal.

Enter the Magic Cellar and allow its exquisite stories and universal themes which transcend all cultures to capture you imagination as you visit the places where your childhood memories live.


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