Soli & Mo

Preschool, 26 x 7′


Soli & Mo’s Nature Show is a mixed media nature show, hosted by two very lovable friends who delight in observing anything and everything that goes on in the animal kingdom below them.

Soli Sun watches the animals during the day and Mo Moon observes them in the evening and nighttime. They are best friends and look forward with great excitement to their twice daily meetings, during sunrise and sunset. That’s when they get to share the wonderful silly and funny things they’ve both seen. Soli shares what she saw with Mo during their sunset chats, and Mo shares what she’s seen during their sunrise chats. From their playground in the sky they see: Many lovely animals, the fish swimming deep in the ocean and birds flying high in the sky.

Should Soli or Mo like what they’ve seen, they will upload the pictures into the clouds or stars and save them until later ready to share with one another. Voiced by children and combining cute animated characters with stunning wildlife footage, Soli and Mo’s obvious delight mirrors those of their viewers.



To find support materials for Soli & Mo, click HERE