The Gypsy Kings- Kings of the World


Kings of the World is an intimate musical portrait of a reclusive gipsy community in the South of France, which has produced world-famous musicians, yet remains largely unknown to the outside world. The film tells the story of three families, linked through ties of blood and music: the Reyes, famous as the Gipsy Kings, the Balliardo – descendants of Manitas de Plata, and their cousins the Regis, reclusive adepts of flamenco puro. Through cinematic imagery, poetic narrative, intimate musical performances and moving glimpses of day to day life, we learn to understand the mindset of these unique people, to whom fame and fortune have no value, and little matters but music and family. Shot in 4K and featuring over 20 musical performances, the film is a rare treat for anyone who likes flamenco guitar or the Gipsy Kings.



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